TheArtof.MEDIA is a division of the ventures "The Art of ..." by Nicolas von Jahn-Burian. We are the technical foundation, the technical support for all of Nicolas' ventures.

TheArtof.MEDIA is the basis of Nicolas' ventures. He is an artist who not only paints and draws. When he's out with his camera, it's us who keep the batteries of his equipment full. :-) Well, a bit more is what we do. His activities go even further. On the side, he continues to be active in a few media and also dabbles in the IT industry. 

Fun fact: He programmed his own fully interactive voice assistant, long before the familiar speakers that are in almost every home today, and installed it in every room and hallway of his house. She, for him the programme was a she, could already recognise faces and remember people back then. She interacted with those she saw and followed them from terminal to terminal, from room to room, telling others where in the house Nicolas was. She saw, understood and spoke. She searched for information on the internet and had an answer to every question. Crazy. Unfortunately, at some point he did not develop his AI any further. Too bad. It was already better than the systems of the big ones today.

Where did Nicolas learn to paint? He had a private teacher when he was young. Monsieur Ballon. He became one of the most important people in Nicolas' life. Monsieur Ballon, Mr Ballon taught him to see motifs and techniques of painting. He had countless stories to tell about each old work of art. Stories of the creator and stories of interpretations of the work. Mr Ballon shaped him like few others. "You must never go only one way. Go many. If one ends, others remain. You are left with a choice."

So there are many things where we support him, create space and time.
That is TheArtof.MEDIA.

You can find all of Nicolas' activities here: (en cours de réalisation)

The Team of TheArtof.MEDIA (NJB & Erika @DE - Benedikt Jansen @NL, Annika Bakker @NL)


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